Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Slideshow of Our Grandchildren During the Past Year

Below is a slideshow of our grandchildren (Elijah, Anna, and Sophie) set to Rod Stewart's song, "Till There Was You". Enjoy!



We are proud to announce that our children, Amy & Christopher Breedlove, are in the process of adopting a baby from Ethiopia. I have posted below an article from their adoption website.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Justice, Peace, and Reconciliation Revisited
Summer of 2006, Christopher and I were able to attend an AIDS conference. This conference was sponsored by Bread For the World. We went and worked as facilitators. That conference was such a rewarding experience for me. It was after that conference that we really started talking about adoption and wanting to adopt from Africa. I have mentioned before that I DO NOT consider our adoption an act of charity. However, my eyes, my heart, and my mind were opened a little bit more during that conference. I started to realize that I wanted our family to grow through adoption. I want my biological children to have open hearts and open minds. I do understand that orphans in Ethiopia often die because they do not have the nutrition and care they need. My baby will have the good medical care and an education. Our adoption in no way takes the place of our obligation to the countless others that will never be adopted. I asked that everyone sign the ONE campaign, sponsor a child (you can do this for less than a tank of gas...most of us can do that if we set our priorities right), watch what you buy, and educate yourself on the issues. I want all my children to know that we have and will continue to try to make a difference in the lives of others.

I am so thankful that my parents have been such a good example to me. They are involved full time in reconciliation work in Eastern Europe. I learn a great deal from them and admire them so much. They realize, as I am learning, that the hurt and devastation around the world with poverty, war, and AIDS...it is a matter of justice...NOT charity. We are called to be peacemakers. We are called to do justice.

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Amy has this picture on her Blog page. Since it is 2 months until her birthday, I thought I would post a recent picture of her so that she would not feel left out. She loves to see herself on the computer anyway.

Anna Turned 5 YEARS OLD on March 4

I just recently learned how to post some videos on my blog so that is why Anna's birthday pictures are late in being posted. Amy has taught me so much about posting to the blog. I knew the day would come where we would switch roles of teacher and pupil. HA! From the first grade until her sophomore year in high school, I was Amy's teacher. Now she is mine. What is that saying about, "Old dogs and new tricks"?? Guess it is never too late.

Now to Anna's birthday party pictures:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Our Grandson's Big Day!

Elijah had a great birthday celebration at a big pizza place in San Antonio on Thursday. He got to invite a friend from school and everyone had a great time. They bowled, played miniature golf, and lots of games. Here are some pictures from his fun day.


We had lunch on Easter Sunday with Darrell & Kathy Smith and Agim & Habibe Iseni and their families. After we ate, Agim read the Easter Story from the Albanian Bible and then we read the I Corinthians 13 passage about love. I was thinking while listening to Agim read about love being the greatest --- even greater than
faith and hope.

On more than one continent, I have seen faith without love, and it is dogmatic and full of rules and regulations. There is such lack of joy and celebration to a faith that is practiced without love. Hope without the expression of love to support it is more like taking your chances or the luck of the draw. Hope that springs from the knowledge that we are loved can withstand all means of persecution, upheaval, and despair. This kind of hope allows participation in a better future.

Perhaps the New Testament says that love is the greatest, not because it is more important than faith and hope, but because the latter are results of the former. This is one of the most important goals of the kindergarten ministry, for the children and their families---to know they are loved.


At one moment, virtually simultaneously, I could hear the piercing notes of an alarm, the blaring sound of pop music, the obnoxious screeching of a loose fan belt, the whining of worn brakes on a city bus, and the cooing of pigeons from the balconies above. But, amidst all this clatter and noise, came the sombrous call to prayer from the mosque a few blocks away.

No one seemed to notice. The prayer call appeared to go unheeded. The world, even in close proximity to the mosque, was oblivious to the hollow appeal. This experience reminded me again of the profound sorrowfulness of religious systems. They offer nothing of substance to people who are hungry for a life of meaning and purpose.

A part, perhaps the most significant part, of my calling to ministry is to answer the question: “How do I live and work in this place, among these people, in such a way that the real message of God’s love and grace comes through as authentic?”

In truth, there is no simple answer to that question, and the answer will be found in the encounters and on-going experiences of relationship with people in their circumstances of daily life. Though that prayer call may be intended for another purpose, a call to submission and servitude, I will hear it again and again as a reminder that God is longing for intimate relationship with us. How can I help to facilitate that relationship with others?

Pray for Habibe's Mom

Our close friend and the director of "Future of the Family" kindergarten has been through a very difficult week. Her mother had triple by-pass surgery on Monday. She is doing better than we ever expected, given the fact that she has other serious health problems. We are so thankful that she was able to find the care that she so desperately needed and that she is doing so much better now.

Habibe request continued prayer for her mother as she recovers from the surgery and regains her strength. I have posted a picture of Habibe and her mother at Habibe's surprise birthday party last year.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Cold Easter in San Antonio

Amy sent these pictures of the kids on Easter Sunday. They had to wear their winter clothes to church and hunt Easter eggs indoors because it was so cold in San Antonio.

Recent Pictures of Our Grandchildren

These pictures were taken by our daughter, Amy Earl Breedlove. She e-mailed them to us so that we could post them on this blogpage. They are all growing and changing SO fast. We are thankful for the internet so that we can stay in daily touch with them. Just today, I was talking to Amy on the computer as the girls were leaving for school, and they were able to say, "Bye, Baba (Grandma). We love you." What a thrill!