Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I just saw this news program on an adoption page. Afterwards, the supervisor for our CBF team sent us the same information.

Having lived for 12 years in Burkina Faso (which was exactly like Niger when we lived there), this story was so inspiring. What hope there is with this new, miracle food, "Plumpynut". This food is being used in Niger as part of a project with Doctors Without Borders. I am going to check into the possibility of using it here in some of the poorer villages and areas of Skopje where there are the same needs present.

Please check out the following CBF news story:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Macedonia Mourns the Death of Tose Proeski

Toshe Proeski

Macedonia is holding a day of mourning for one of the country's biggest stars, singer Tose Proeski, who died at age 26 in a car crash on Wednesday. He was very involved in easing the ethnic tensions in the Balkans. He will be greatly missed.

You can view the news release at the following website:


Here is an excerpt that was posted on his official website:

Денес, 16.10.2007 год, кобен за тебе и за твојата младост, со огромна тага во нашите срца, те испраќаме од овој свет. Не хранеше и не напојуваше со твојата музика, со твојот глас, со твојата доблест, со твојата позитивна енергија. Мали се зборовите со кои можеме да ја опишеме твојата големина, само едно е сигурно, ти Тоше, засекогаш ќе останеш во нашите срца.

(Translation into English)
Today, 16.10.2007, day fatal for you and your youth, with great sadness in our hearts we send you off of this world. You’ve fed us with your music, your voice, your honor, your positive energy. Small are the words with wich we can describe your greatness, just one thing is sure, you Tose, will always stay in our hearts.

Monday, October 15, 2007



I have just posted 4 new posts. I have been SOOO busy this past 6 weeks that I have had to let something go to get everything done. I don't think that I will let the blogging go again though. It has taken me about 3 hours to get all the postings and pictures done. It is better to do it more regularly. HA!

Just wanted you to know to check the new postings after this message.


We Are ALL Waiting!!!

As you know from earlier blog postings, our daughter, Amy, and her family are adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia. They have been on the "waiting" list (Gladney Adoption Agency in Fort Worth, Texas) for almost a month now. The "waiting list" is for a referral -- when they will get to see pictures of little Nathan and know who he is. This is the most exciting part of this journey so far (only to be exceeded by the court date and traveling to get him and bring him home).

Here are pictures of some of the things that have happened while we have all been waiting:

Amy & Family were invited to be special guests of Steven Curtis Chapman when he did a concert in Evansville, Indiana last month. They were awarded a scholarship from his adoption foundation -- on stage and in person. Here are a few pictures from the concert.

Then on Saturday, October 6 -----------

Elijah and Anna made posters for the big sale in Jasper. Each year, the children are given an opportunity to set up a table and sell items. They get to keep the money they made. I did some watercolors, a quilt, notecards, bookmarks, and key rings/luggage tags for Elijah to sell. All the money that he made went to the adoption costs for Nathan. We are all so proud of the children and their contribution to bringing their baby brother home.

Sophie attended the big event, too!

Amy and Anna

Trinity UCC (Christopher & Amy's church in Jasper) is planning an "Africa Night & Baby Shower for Nathan" on October 24. This has turned into a churchwide event, and they are having Ethiopian food for dinner. Amy has been involved in the actual planning of this special night.

Amy has been busy, as well, completing more of her course work (in her spare time -- HA!) toward her Master's Degree (May 2008).
And then just this week --------------

I finished Nathan's baby quilt. Amy and I bought the cloth last year when we were in the states, but I wanted to start it when we were on the "waiting list". The quilt has an African theme (go figure??)

To keep up with the progress on the adoption - you can check out Our Journey to Ethiopia website (Amy & Christopher's adoption site).
We will let you know as soon as they receive a referral on little Nathan.

Margo's Birthday Celebration

In September, we celebrated Margo's birthday with her and Brane-- at a new restaurant in Skopje. It was a Friday night, so there was a band playing. It was a great evening, and we spent most of it talking about how we met over 8 years ago. It is hard to believe that it has been that long!!!

Brane and Arville enjoyed the dinner, too!

Margo and I first met outside the Orthodox church in Gostivar at Easter after we moved to there in February1999. It was snowing that Easter (in April!!) but we both remember how much fun we had together from the very beginning of our friendship.

She also reminded me that I was the first person (outside her immediate family) that had ever celebrated a birthday with her. We have celebrated everyone together since we met. It is always such a special evening. What a dear friend she is to me!


View from our balcony in Skopje

I love fall weather. This is my favorite time of year. The trees are beautiful this year -- all the brillant colors of the hardwoods set against the dark green of the pines and cedars. It is breathtaking. The fall flowers on my balcony are so pretty now because it is cooler and we have had some rain lately.

Another of my favorite events in Macedonia is the "pepper roasting" that is done outside for all to smell !!! Women are everywhere (even our apartment building parking lot) and they are roasting peppers to make "ajvar" (eye-var). It is a wonderful bright red pepper salsa that is eaten with any Macedonian meal -- it makes a great snack just spread on bread or crackers, too.

Here are pictures of this special event. Our neighbor was very gracious to let me take her picture.

"Future of the Family" Kindergarten Off To A Great Start

School has been in process for a little over a month now at the "Future of the Family" kindergarten in Skopje. This kindergarten is free to 40 (this is our limit) elligible children in the poorest part of Skopje. I am posting some pictures from the school bag distribution for the children who completed kindergarten last year and headed off to first grade this year and registration of this year's class. We want to thank the many donors who have made the past four years possible. All of the children whose lives you have changed forever say, "Thank you!", as well.