Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Future of the Family" Kindergarten New Year Celebration

Their First School Party (didn't know what to think at first)

But then the fun began

Here are a few pictures of our school party on December 31st. The children wore their very best clothes, came just for the party (no school that day),

they danced traditional Albanian dances together,

ate wonderful chocolate cupcakes made by Kathy Smith,

and received their presents from us.

Kathy, Habibe, and Nixhebe with the children

Opening their presents

Everyone had so much fun (including the teachers and staff)!!
Kathy, Habibe, Advije, Nixhebe, and Me (Shelia)

The school has 40 students who are chosen from hundreds of families who cannot afford to send their children to kindergarten. Through this small school, we minister to these 40 families in a personal way -- through joys, sorrows, disappointments, struggles, and celebrations. This special day was one of those times of celebration. It was a great way to end the semester and begin a new year. The children were so excited that many of them could not sleep the night before. It is an understatement that their first school party was a BIG HIT !!!

Video Clip of the Children Dancing To Albanian Music:


{B} said...

Hi Sheila!
THank you so much for buying the necklaces. We hope you guys enjoy them. My mom just said the sweetes things about Amy! Thank you again!

Julie & Jonathan said...

Shelia & Arville, I came across a graphic novel that might interest y'all:

Glad to hear all the happy news lately!

Xhonathan Harwell

macedoniamb said...

I am sad that I missed out on the dancing... :]
looks like the party was so much fun!!
love you.