Saturday, January 26, 2008


We leave tomorrow morning (4:30 am to the airport -- YUK!) for the states. We will fly from Skopje to Zurich and then on to Atlanta. We are very excited about getting to attend the New Baptist Covenant meeting from Wednesday, Jan. 30 - Friday, Feb. 1 in Atlanta. See this link for details on the New Baptist Covenant meeting.

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and Former Vice-President Al Gore will all be speaking on topics that affect our world -- such as poverty, HIV-AIDS, environmental issues, race relations, and issues of reconciliation, justice and peace. CBF churches are very involved - alongside National Baptist congregations - in making a difference in our world.

On February 2, we will fly to Louisville -- where Amy & family will pick us up and take us to Jasper (their new home) which is about an hour away. We will be staying with Anna and Sophie while Amy, Christopher and Elijah travel to Ethiopia to bring our little Nathan home. They will be gone from February 9 - 20.

We are looking forward to some quality time with our granddaughters and loads of laughs, I'm sure. Anna has developed such a wonderful, dry sense of humor and has started to kindergarten since we saw her last -- so it will be so much fun getting to know her better. Amy tells us everyday about the funny things that Sophie does and says and how her little mind works is just amazing. What fun times are in store for us!!!!

We will be making contacts while we are in the states with some of our partners who are interested in coming to work alongside us this summer. In addition, we will be attending another reconciliation meeting before we head back to Macedonia on March 3.

We will do more posting after we arrive in the states (if we get the computer to cooperate -- HA!). I am notorious for having computer problems that no one seems to understand. HA! So no promises, but we will try.
Before we go, here are a few new pictures of Nathan, Elijah, Anna & Sophie to enjoy----

Latest Pictures of Nathan

Amy, Christopher and children at church

Anna and Elijah


--And a picture taken at dinner last night when we all got together for a "Bring Nathan Home Celebration". These pictures were taken in our Skopje apartment (many of you have been to visit us here).

Back Row (left to right): Toshe, Maria, Sara, Jehona and Kathy
Middle Row: Brane, Margo, Arville, and Habibe
Front Row: Agim, Shelia and Darrell

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