Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Pictures of Nathan Have Arrived

Here are a few new pictures of Nathan that were sent to Amy this week by another couple returning from Ethiopia with their baby daughter.

I made the comment to Amy that Nathan seemed to like wearing a hat because we had seen him in hats several times. Then she sent this picture !! Maybe not so much. HA!

The second court date for Nathan Mussie to become an "official" Breedlove is this Thursday, January 17th. We will post the news as soon as we hear something. Even though we are only 2 hours from Ethiopian time - we will have to wait for Gladney Adoption Agency to open in Fort Worth, and for Amy to get the news and then call us. So it will be at least late afternoon in Macedonia before we post anything.


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tracy hanson said...

He Is so amazingly sweet! I am so Happy for your Family. A precious Gift from God.