Sunday, January 20, 2008


Amy wanted to give Nathan's birthmother a special gift that would also be useful, so she asked me to make a quilt for her. She will take it to Addis with her and give it to his birthmother in person. This will be a very emotional time for both Amy and Eyerusalem -- but very meaningful, too.

I chose bold African colors because I know how much African women love bright, cheerful colors (at least that was true of the women I knew in Burkina Faso). I set the bright colors against a black background so that they would stand out even more. The quilt is hand-pieced and hand quilted. Then I made this multi-layered panel that is sewn on the back of the quilt so that she could remember the future she is giving to her son and his forever family.

Here is the finished product with the label sewn on the back:


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Violi said...

What a beautiful, special gift! I'm sure she will cherish this. I hope it comforts her to know what a loving family Nathan is going to.