Saturday, February 16, 2008

Message from Amy & Family in Ethiopia

Here are pictures of some of the thing they have done over the past few days:

Visiting the Older Boys Orphanage

Elijah Sitting In An African Chief's Chair

Their Driver with Nathan

Visiting the Lion Zoo

Amy and Nathan

Amy writes:
We just got back from meeting Mussie's mom...Eyerusalem. It was very good for us, but one of the most emotional things I have EVER done. My eyes are welling up just typing about it. We have some wonderful video and pictures of her.

She is so tiny. Nathan really has her eyes and eyebrows. She held him for a short time and she cried when I started crying. It really was one of the most emotionally draining experiences of my life. Elijah really was touched by the whole situation too.

Nathan in his bed at the hotel.

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Friday, February 15, 2008


Anna went back to school today - after being out because of bad weather the last 3 days. So she had her Valentine's Day party at school today - February 15. Here are pictures from her sharing her Valentines and candy with her sister.

Their parents left gifts for the girls each day while they are in Ethiopia and here they are with their little Valentine Dogs.

Here are some pictures I took of the girls -- while trying out my new flash attachment. My Pentax camera built-in flash went out about a year ago and I had to order an external flash. So the girls decided that they would model for me so that I could learn how to use it.

One of Anna's favorite times has become "Disney Movie Time With Peepaw". Here they are watching a Disney Movie together. Notice how comfortable Anna becomes as the movie progresses. HA!

And then Sophie's favorite thing to do is to entertain all of us. Here she is "doing her own thing".

This is appropriately "The End" of today's post.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Nathan sends "Valentine Greetings" to his big sisters in Jasper !!!

He has had an ear infection, but Amy took him to the doctor today and got medicine for him. He seems to be doing much better now. Here he is taking a nap at the coffee ceremony.


Picture of the Orthodox Priest in Addis. They went to the Orthodox Church in Addis today. These women were outside the church, waiting for the service to begin, and they wanted their picture made with Nathan.

These ladies are embroidering handwork that they sell at the Leprosy Colony outside Addis:

Weavers at the Leprosy Colony

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is what we did on our second day out of school because of bad weather:

Anna opened a beauty salon and did everyone's hair (including her own).

Sophie (who doesn't normally like to have her hair combed) let Anna work on hers for about 15 minutes !!! Go figure!!

We worked on scrapbooks, watched cartoons, made videos of Anna & Sophie doing a soup commercial, and took lots of pictures for Mom and Dad to see when they get home.

Baba (Shelia)


This picture reminds me so much of Burkina Faso. Makes me want to go back again.

This was Nathan's bed in the Gladney Home. Amy said that some called Nathan - Moses, some called him Mussie (which means Moses). Underneath "Moses" is Nathan's middle name written in Ethiopian script.

This lady was one of Nathan's main caregivers. What a beautiful picture. Amy said that every one of the caregivers LOVE him so much. It is so hard for them to see the children leave, but they are so thrilled that all of the children they care for find wonderful "forever" families. It makes their work so worthwhile.

Amy, Christopher, Elijah and Nathan on top of the mountain.

Going up the mountain, Amy took this picture of one of the women carrying large bundles of eucalyptus branches. The woman was so happy for Amy to make her picture because it meant that Amy probably gave her a day's wages to pose. I think I have found my next watercolor portrait to do !!!

This is Jocelyn's little girl, Pacey, with Nathan. They are buddies for sure!

Elijah from the balcony at the hotel. He has fallen in love with Ethiopia. What an experience he has had.



This afternoon, a FedEx delivery was made to the house. It was a Valentine surprise from Uncle Alan and Aunt Layla in Missouri. It was a delicious box of homemade heart cookies with icing.

Layla and Alan

The girls went crazy!! We all ate one for dessert at dinner. They were wonderful !

Happy Valentine's to you, too, Aunt Layla and Uncle Alan,

Anna and Sophie &
Mom and Dad

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Anna Helping in the Kitchen

Sophie Loves to Have Her Picture Taken (sometimes)
We are having a great time while the other 2/3rds of the family are in Ethiopia. I (Baba) made 2 countdown hands for Sophie and Anna to keep up with how many days it will be before we go to the airport in Louisville to get their mom and dad, Elijah and Nathan. Here are pictures of them counting down the fingers.

They have spent time working on their scrapbooks about all the fun things they are doing while we are in Jasper with them. Here are some pictures of working on their books:

Then a lot of time is spent just "hanging out" in the playroom and being together.

Peepaw Taught Sophie to Make Whirly-jigs With Her Hands

Sometimes it is hard to get Sophie to be still for a picture. This is about the speed she goes all the time.

We had a surprise today (Tuesday) when Anna didn't have school. We had snow overnight and with promise of more sleet and possible ice tonight. It is supposed to warm up tomorrow though. Here are more pictures of our day today. (All these pictures were taken from inside the house -- looking out of the windows!!)

Mommy, Daddy, Elijah and Nathan, See what you are missing!!! Burrrr !!!