Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Alan !!!

After the General Assembly, we drove to St. Louis to stay a couple of nights with my sister and her husband (Les and Sharron Blalock) and my neice and her husband (Aaron & Stephanie Richardson). Alan and Layla drove up on Saturday afternoon, and we all celebrated Alan’s birthday (June 23) together.

Before Alan & Layla arrived, we spent some time on Sharron and Les's new deck. Their house is situated adjacent to the golf course. The landscaping is just beautiful -- as you can see.

Here are pictures of the big event:

My sister, Sharron, prepared a fantastic meal.

Everyone Wished Alan a "Happy Birthday"

And Here Are Alan and Layla

Then we headed downstairs for birthday cake, the opening of presents and lots of fun!!! Aaron and Stephanie provided the "entertainment" -- a guitar and microphone (for vocalists) to try their hand (or voice) at playing and singing along with rock stars!!!

Since Alan was crazy about Star Wars when he was a kid, Stephanie had the idea of the "Star Wars" Cake. It turned out great!!

The next day, we all went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. The food was great, but being together was even better. Thank you, Sharron, Les, Stephanie and Aaron for being the best hosts ever. We had a great time!!!

Arville and Les Visiting Before Lunch

And then it was time to say "Good-bye". My most unfavorite part of any visit.

Alan and Layla

Sharron and Les

Stephanie and Aaron

Saturday, June 21, 2008

CBF Assembly in Memphis

We had a wonderful time representing our team at the CBF General Assembly in June. We saw many people who have worked with us over the years in Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo. It had been 4 years since we attended a General Assembly, so this one was especially meaningful to us.

The Commissioning Service on Wednesday night was very well attended, and it was a joyous occasion. Then Missions was the highlight of the Friday evening service, as well.

We were at our Team Booth (near the Marketplace) for most of our free time, so we enjoyed visiting with folks and talking about the work of our team. Bob & Janice Newell were highlighted at the booth – because at the same time of the GA – PORTA (the ministry location of their work in Athens) was being dedicated. We were so glad that the Podgaiskys (Gennady, Mina and the children) were at the GA, and we were able to visit with them a bit. They are the newest members of our Team. We look forward to getting to know them even better.
Arville and I Went Downtown With Katie and Mary Beth Gilbert
We rode the trolley car !!!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Sophia Rose Breedlove

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sophie, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Can you believe you are 3 Years OLD??? And you get to start to preschool in August!!!! We love you so much.

Here are some pictures of your past years:

The Day You Were Born

Everybody was so anxious for you to get here:

We are so glad we got to be there the day you were born - June 15, 2005.

Your brother and sister loved you the first minute they saw you!!!

You and Your Mommy

Your First Birthday Cake:

Pictures from our special time together in February - when Mommy & Daddy & Elijah went to get Nathan.

You Loved to Watch Your Peepaw Shave -- But he surprised you this day, didn't he?

Being Sophie

We Love You and Wish You a Very Happy 3rd Birthday,

Baba and Peepaw

CBF General Assembly - Memphis, Tennessee

We are headed to Memphis for the CBF General Assembly. We will be panelists on a Poverty Issues Forum and be reconnecting with many people that have supported CBF and the ministry of our Team over the past few years. This will be our first time to attend a General Assembly in four years - so we are very excited.

As usual there is a Marketplace - where items from all over the world are sold to the public. Flo Shepley works very hard every year to help field personnel meet some very critical needs that would not be met without these funds. Thank you, Flo, and all who work on the Marketplace to make it such a success. The profits go to help with our projects (like the "Future of the Family" Kindergarten in Skopje). Here are some of our items for this year's Marketplace.

Quilted Sunglass Cases

Small Crocheted Crosses

Hand Embroidered/Cut Work Pillowcases

Hand-Quilted Potholders

Knitted Stocking Christmas Ornaments

Hand Embroidered Christmas Towels

Here are my watercolors for this year's Art Auction:

This watercolor is in celebration of the adoption of our grandson, Nathan Mussie Breedlove, from Ethiopia this year.

African Mother and Baby

And this one is in honor of Bob & Janice Newell and the opening of PORTA in Athens, Greece, this month.

Greek Islands