Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On the Road Again

We have been back in Macedonia for several weeks, but I cannot seem to catch up with my postings. We have both had the "worst-ever" flu/cold/upper respiratory infections we have ever experienced. It must be going around in our part of the world because we have heard from several others (including our team members in Athens) who have had the same thing for a while now. It seems to linger!!! Anyway, I am trying to catch up with this long post. So you might have to read this one in installments. HA! Maybe we will be through the month of June by the time August arrives next week!!! I will try to do better from now on.



Here are photos of the few days that we spent with Amy, Christopher, Elijah, Anna, Sophie, and Nathan. We filled those few days with LOTS of good memories (and lots of photos, too).

One afternoon we went to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church which is just a couple of blocks from Amy & Christopher's house.

Later on, the children flew kites while the wind was up.


Aunt Iris sent the kids a "bubble machine", fishing poles and a "boule" game to play with in the backyard. We all had a great time with all of them. The boule game (can't remember what it is called in the states -- "boule" is what it is called in French) has been a favorite of our family since 1980----that's a long time!!!

Of course, there was football.

Elijah was getting ready for the "football camp" he attended this month.

Swings, Skateboards, Motorcyles and Burger King Hats---------

I took this photo series of Nathan. His facial expressions changed as fast as I could snap the shutter release.

One hot afternoon, the slip and slide was a good relief from the heat.

And then again --- the "hammock" swing wasn't a bad idea either!!!

Arville tried to get Nathan to walk while we were there, but he liked his Peepaw carrying him around too much, I think.

One day during the week, we visited Lincoln Memorial Park - south of Jasper.

What a beautiful trail through the park to Lincoln's Boyhood Home!!!

Everyone got a little quiet when the girls bent down for Anna to read to Sophie that :

Arville said that he got the same feeling that he has heard others describe after visiting the Holy Land -- that they came away with a sense of God's presence. He said that when Anna read the words on this marker, everything seemed to be quiet in order to hear what she was reading--- and yet, the birds were singing and the squirrels were chattering away. It was quite an inspirational moment.

Family Snapshots

Amy says that I never get in any of the photos - so she took this one of me with her new camera.

Scenes at Lincoln's Boyhood Home

Sophie and Her Peepaw

And then we WENT ON A PICNIC. This was Nathan's favorite part of everything we did --- mealtime.

And then we visited West Baden Resort Hotel. Here are some pictures of it.

Then we went to the resort town of French Lick and took an hour-long Train Ride.

One Day Amy and I Tried Our Hand at "Creative Photography"

Dedication/Baptism of the 3 Youngest Children at Trinity United Church of Christ: They are all in their Ethiopian Clothes.




Elijah Held Nathan for the Dedication

Christopher, Amy, Elijah, Anna, Arville, Dean and Ellen (godparents), Nathan, Sophie & I at the altar of Trinity United Church of Christ (where Christopher is pastor).

Nathan and Ellen

At Ellen and Dean's home after lunch. The kids are opening their gifts from their godparents.

Dean is reading Nathan's Bible book to him.
What a special day of celebration.
We are so glad that we were able to be there.