Friday, June 19, 2009

Annual Zoo Trip at the Kindergarten

As part of our zoo trip tradition, the children had hamburgers and juice before leaving for the field trip to the Skopje Zoo. Here are some pictures of them enjoying their meal together.

The mothers left (went outside the fence) but some of the children were so excited they had to go say "good-bye" an extra time. Got some cute pictures.

Then our Taxi Buses arrived and we loaded up for our LONG trip (across town) to the Zoo.

Here is a photo of one of our taxi drivers. He goes with us every year.

Arriving at the Zoo:

The Animals were fewer in number this year and they were doing some renovations to the park, but the children didn't know the difference since this was the first time they had ever been.

There were lots of kids at the zoo the day we went. Here is another class of older children who were there with their teachers, too.

This is a typical picture of Habibe and Arville talking together.

The lions were hungry and it was time for lunch when we came into the lion house.


The kids remembered me telling them stories of the buzzards that were in Burkina Faso (Africa). So they were all interested in seeing these exotic specimens because they can be found in Africa, you know. It doesn't matter that they have buzzards in Macedonia, too --- since I told that story -- you won't be convincing these children that they are not exclusively African birds.

Looks like another serious conversation between Agim and Arville this time.

Is this another wild beast???


Halfway Point in our trek through the Zoo:

Jehona, Advije, Belinda (Advije's daughter) and Arville find a spot in the shade to wait for the children to get through seeing the hippos.


Then the children played and ate a cupcake and drank a juice. The playground was being remodeled, too - so they just improvized games to play on the little walk-bridge.

Mevlude wouldn't leave Arville's side all day long.

So Belinda joined them.

And you see what our children have learned to do this year --- put their trash away in a proper place!! instead of throwing it on the ground.

Belinda was in one of our beginning classes at the kindergarten and Mevlude was in this year's class. Just love this picture of them together.

Playing games together.

Before it is time to go.

On the way out of the park-----

Back in the Taxi Buses:

Yes, I know, there are no seat belts for any of us (except for the driver and you will notice that he is NOT wearing his) --- we still need lots of traffic and driving laws in Macedonia.

Back across town and to the kindergarten all in about 4 hours.

Hope you enjoyed our day at the Zoo. See you next year!!

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