Thursday, June 11, 2009

Okay, So A Moment of Bragging Time, Please

My On-Line Bragbook

Some of you have asked how our grandchildren are doing, so I decided to show you some photos that Amy has sent me this past month. The children are playing outside, working on art projects that Amy has taught them to do
and just having FUN together.

The youngest (Nathan Mussie) just turned 2 years old, he loves cars and playing outside -- but does NOT like the water slip 'n slide at all -- the swimming pool is another story --- he loves that!

This is his solution to staying out of the slip 'n slide sprinkler.

Sophie turned 4 years old this month and here are some pictures of her.

Sophie with her big sister, Anna.

Anna turned 7 years old in March:

And Elijah is now 10 years old - as of April.

I love this picture of Elijah - he was looking up at his mom. About the only way that she can get this picture anymore is for him to be seated. HA!

So thanks for letting me do a little bragging. They are great kids and have lots of fun together.
Shelia (better known as "Baba" to Elijah, Anna, Sophie and Nathan)

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