Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back-To-Back Anniversaries

This Sunday, August 16, is our 40th Wedding Anniversary!!! We were talking this morning (over coffee) about all of our previous anniversaries -- where we were, what we were doing, etc. It took a while, but we remembered some of the details of all of them.

All of our wedding photos are in storage in the States - so this is the only one that I had on the computer. I have included one of Arville at Normandy in 1981 which is the only one I have of him on the computer - closest to our wedding date. One of these days, we are going to be in the same location as all of these photos and I will have the time to put them all on the computer.


We both agreed, too, that it doesn't seem like it has been 40 years since we finished that final semester of college, made wedding plans, and walked down the aisle. We may look it - but we don't feel like we have been married 40 years. HA!


And then these photos were taken close to some of our other anniversaries (while we were in the States):

Now --the Back-to-Back Anniversary is that of Christopher and Amy.
Taken at Amy and Christopher's wedding - our 27th Anniversary.
Amy and Christopher were married 13 years ago next Monday, August 17. Congratulations, you 2!! Happy Anniversary!

Amy with Her Dad

Amy and Christopher shortly after they married

Happy Anniversary, Arville. I love you & look forward to more wonderful years together.