Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elijah

Our oldest grandchild, Elijah James Breedlove, turns 11 today. He is getting so big - and we would be missing it all if it weren't for his mother who makes sure that we know what is going on in his life. Because of the internet phone service, we can talk to him any time he is available (that means when he isn't at school, church or working). HA!

Happy Birthday, Elijah.
We love you,
Baba and Peepaw

Elijah, Sophia, Anna, Peepaw and Nathan
Louisville 2009

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter to everyone!

We celebrated Easter here in Macedonia on the same day as Easter in the states. This is the first time we can remember that happening since we have been here - usually we are a week after the states.

Here are a few photos of dyed eggs (Macedonian tradition is to give dyed eggs to guests that visit in your home) so I dyed 2 cartons this year in order to have enough.

Shelia & Arville

Looks Like Spring Is Here

Just thought that you might want to see some pictures that I took this week when Habibe and I went to the market to get flowers and vegetables.  Everything is blooming and it is beautiful in Macedonia today. 

I bought some flowers for our balcony.  Habibe is going to put them in new soil from the countryside while we are in Kiev at our team meeting.  When I get back, we will clean up the balcony and be able to start enjoying being outside again.

I also bought some vegetables while we were at the market, too.  I love all the varieties that springtime brings to Skopje.  Good Eating!!