Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day to All in the USA

Just thought I would post a few pictures of
American Flags and
wish everyone in the US -
a very happy Memorial Day.

Since today is not a holiday in Macedonia,
I thought I would post some pictures of
life as normal here on
May 30, 2011.

Kids are going to School as normal

Flags are Flying in front of government buildings

Animals are being cared for

The Parks are in Bloom

Folks are Enjoying the Parks

People are working

The Markets are Open

Did you notice that the STRAWBERRIES have come in??  They are SO good this year.

And it is finally warm in Macedonia.  The snow is melting on the moutaintops
and summer is coming!!  (well, at least spring - HA!).

Have a good Memorial Day and enjoy friends and family today.
Arville & Shelia

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spahija & Bardho Funerals

Today is the funeral service for
Mariana Spahija and Donika Bardho. 
Ricki Buesing is giving a eulogy and the service
will be at the Methodist Church.

I found a couple of photos - taken the day
that Mariana was baptized in
Lezhe, Albania.
It reminded me that digital photography has not been
around very long.  The pictures - because
they were negatives-  did not withstand the test of time.
I put them into black and white so that they would
look a little better.

Burhan, Mariana and Shelia

Burhan and Mariana

The baptism took place in the Adriatic Sea and it was a bit chilly - coming out of the water - even though it was
summer and warm.

Here are a few thoughts that others have expressed -
they fit so well with our feelings.  They put into words what we cannot seem to do today. 

“Whether two are meeting for the first time or have known each other all their lives, friendship is the foundation of the bridge between their hearts and minds. It does not matter how a friendship begins; once it takes root in the soul, it quickly grows . . . . . ultimately it can blossom into one of the most magnificent treasures the world can hold.” Susan Polis Schutz

“The soul hungers for friendship - someone to associate with, to compare stories with, to go places with, and to call on the phone. We keep the gift and get the blessing of friendship by passing it on to other in this give-and-take world. Thank you for this gift. What a blessing you have been to me!” Donna Fargo

Mariana, you were a very special gift to many people - in your work as Special Education Teacher at Lumpkin County High School, in your church, and to those you met in your everyday activities.  You will be SO missed.  Burhan, please know that we are thinking of you and the children today.  May God's grace be sufficient.  

Arville and Shelia 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Congratulations, Christopher!!!

Our son-in-law graduates tomorrow
May 20 from
Eden Seminary in St. Louis
with a Doctorate of Ministry Studies.

We wish that we could be there to see him receive
the degree he has worked so long and hard to earn.

Congratulations to the whole family!!

Here are some photos that show the things that
Christopher is most passionate about:

His Family:

The Environment and Social Justice:

And Climbing Mountains:

Congratulations, Christopher!!
Mom and Dad