Saturday, July 30, 2011

Picture Set #1 of FBC Abilene Team

Finally -- pictures of FBC, Abilene Team Trip
to Macedonia.
I cannot believe it has taken me so long to do this blog posting.
So much has happened since the beginning of June
that I am just now getting around to writing about it.

We were so thrilled to have this group come - they worked
very hard and learned a lot about the country, the people, the ministry
and what they could do to partner with us here.

Alicia Lee was able to come as a member of the group, but
her visit had special meaning because she and Jeff were
appointed at the CBF General Assembly at the end of June
to become part of the Albanian Balkan Team.
They will be working in Skopje and surrounding locations
to continue the ministry of the kindergarten, work with
families to help better their lives, and become involved
with environmental issues that face Macedonia.

FBC Abilene has just decided to become an integral part
of the continuing ministry here and will be working alongside
the Lees to make a difference in lives of these families.

I am posting the first set of pictures from their time with us.
It was difficult to narrow the photos to just a few each day.
This first set is the evening of their arrival - Sunday, June 5th.

Habibe, Agim, Sara and Jehona Iseni hosted a meal for
all of us in the courtyard of the kindergarten (many of you will recognize the location). 

The table is set and Agim welcomes everyone.

Visiting before the delicious meal is served.

It began to rain so we moved inside after the meal to
talk about the week before us and to get to know each other
a little better.
Agim and Habibe told the group about how the kindergarten
came to be, our days of working together during the Kosovo War, and the families that have been helped over the past several years.